The comprehensive Information System for Early Childhood Education

Daisy system is a comprehensive cloud-based system for the early childhood education: the municipalities kindergartens, children’s private daycare and private kindergartens. The Daisy system consists of four different building blocks, yet it’s easy to scale, adapt and use. These building blocks are: DaisyManager, mDaisy, eDaisy and DaisyNet. Each of these have their own functionalities but they all are designed to reach one common goal – making the everyday life in early childhood education easier.  It takes a village to raise a child, and the Daisy System helps parents become more involved in their child’s daily life in child care, improving the co-operation between the parents and the professionals in the child’s life.

More time for the children

DaisyManager is the DaisySystem’s heart. It helps to plan, direct and follow the activities of early childhood education, all the way from individual child and employee to the level of municipalities and cities. DaisyManager is designed for early childhood education employees and administration. 

To track the course of day

mDaisy is a daily tool used in phones and hall devices. mDaisy tracks arriving and leaving children and employees. It also conveys the most important information and observations of the day to all of the employees. 

Home base for application forms

eDaisy holds application forms, decisions and communication related to these topics. In eDaisy, the whole application process is secured with strong authentication (

Involve the parents in the daily life of the daycare

DaisyNet enables parents to be part of their child’s life in daycare.  DaisyNet includes child’s care time reservations, communication between parents and  daycare, permissions and general bulletin board.

"I couldn't have even dreamed of such an easy system in early childhood education!"
Employee in early childhood education

More time for the children

You can say goodbye to office paperwork and arranging files when you take DaisyManager in use on computer, tablet or phone. 

You can write the most important reports, plans and other information related to customers and employees of early childhood education. DaisySystem’s automatic calculations and trackings make sure that you don’t have to waste time in the office. Instead, you can focus on the children and their well-being.

DaisyManager includes

– Child’s learning portfolio

– Journal view on logins in the groups

– Early childhood education plan

– Managing food orders

– Personnel shift planning

– Attendance reservations for children

– Billing

– Permission inquiries

– Reports, summaries and breakdowns of the information of the children, employees and kindergarten

– Processing of applications and decisions

– Maintenance of incoming data

– Placement of children and employees

– Processing of payment decisions

– Notice board for the daycare

"Daisy is an opportunity to develop and modernize service processes in early childhood education and care so that there is less paperwork and more time for the actual pedagogical work."
Rautalampilehti (magazine)
"At Pyhäntä, child care times are monitored by Daisy. Not some lively office lady, but a mobile which help employees check the children as present and picked up"
 Employee in early childhood education

To track the course of the day

When members of the childcare staff arrive at the workplace, they check themselves in using an app and a Daisy key chain tag. On mDaisy, staff members can check which children are present, and from Reservations they can check who have yet to arrive for the day. In addition to this, the staff can also see which members of the staff are present.    

A child’s day in ECEC begins in a similar fashion – logging in with the Daisy key chain tag. DaisyManager accesses the login information on mDaisy and produces various reports based on the data. Additionally, on DaisyNet, guardians can see the realized child care times and compare them to the child care reservations they have made.

mDaisy features

– Messaging  

– Real time attendance lists of children and employees

– Personalized profiles with pictures of the children and basic information

– Reviewing planned attendance lists and realized attendance entries

– Shift planning of employees and their sign-ins and sign-outs

– Private childminders’ expenses

Home base for application forms

eDaisy is an official digital early childcare education and care service provided for the caretakers of the children. Guardians always log in to eDaisy with strong authentication (online banking credentials / mobile certificate) via the service. The personal information is confirmed after the log in and the rest of the family information can be filled in automatically via the VTJ interface using data provided by the Finnish Population Register Centre. 

The official office-holders’ decisions made when handling the applications will appear visible to the guardians on the day the office holder has set to be the Notification Date. At the same time, the caretakers will be sent an e-mail notification about a new ECEC decision. 

Forms that can be found in eDaisy

– Early childhood education and care (ECEC) application

– Pre-primary education notification (it is possible to apply for additional early childhood education and care at the same time) 

– Change notification (incl. need for childcare)

– Notification of discontinuation of child care (made by guardian)

– Club activity applications (open early education)

– Morning care/Afternoon care applications (for those in school)

– Service voucher notifications

– Extra Municipal Financial Support Applications

Involves the parents in the daily life of the daycare

Wondering if the little one’s missing mum or dad at the daycare?

DaisyNet is DaisySystem’s tool to parents and guardians, giving them the opportunity to become a part of the everyday life of early childhood education. Pictures of the child from daycare and following the attendances create trust that child’s well-being is secured in day care. Reading and filling out the early childhood education plan advances collaboration with the employees of early childhood education. The timely attendance reservations made by guardians form the foundation of the DaisySystem’s automatic planning and allow the data about who is expected to present to be shown to the staff.

Features of DaisyNet

– Early childhood education plan

– Child’s learning portfolio

– Editing child’s basic information and allergies

– Attendance reservations to daycare and reviewing reservations

– Notice board for the daycare

– Messaging and permission queries

– Simple and easy user interface

– Graphical and table views of the care time reservations

"With the help of DaisyNet, the need for daycare and payment amount go hand in hand."
 A child's mom
"I get information about my child's life in day care much more than I used to."
 A child's mom